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As a result of information disturbances, physical, energetic, emotional, relational, mental and spiritual problems can  occur  in living organisms.


If you would like to explore your personal information disturbances, you can use the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC), which can give you an objective picture about your multidimensional bodies. Physical problems almost always originate from higher. With the help of the MDC you receive information of the energetic, spiritual and heavy metal disturbances of your body as well as your current life assignment and the blockages at the emotional, relationship, thought levels and the potential projections of these on your physical self. Nowadays science acknowledges that one of the main reasons of our problems is an unhappy, stressful life. The boundary of the body’s intimidation is the physical suffering. The disturbances of the invisible etheric bodies and energetic fields of living beings after some time are projected into the physical body. They can cause visible and tangible deviations. The computer is capable of early recognitions because the information disturbances at higher dimensions can be detected weeks or even months before the physical manifestation occur. Problems can be prevented with the elevation of our consciousness.


The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical diagnostic device. It is a quantum physical equipment which can see into the higher dimensions of our being!



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